Autonomous vehicles are no longer just a thing of the future: they have been successfully introduced and tested in Europe, the US and Asia. Lab Box is ready to take these technological developments a big step forward by introducing the first dedicated autonomous vehicle operator in Belgium. We harbour all the necessary expertise and equipment to introduce autonomous shuttles today at your work or in your city.

Why shared autonomous vehicles ?

Shared, autonomous vehicles have the potential to make our roads emptier and our cities more liveable.

In the long run, they will make personal cars largely redundant and provide a safe, flexible and green alternative to today’s ubiquitous traffic jams.

Projects around the world

This shift will not happen overnight, but right now we are ready to take the first steps by introducing shared autonomous shuttle busses for last-mile connectivity. These vehicles are already in use worldwide in a variety of settings. Some examples:

City :

autonomous shuttles complement public transport on short routes in Stockholm

Industry :

autonomous shuttles ferry around employees at Bishop Ranch business park in California

University :

Melbourne University uses autonomous shuttles as mobility solution and research project on campus

Attractions :

autonomous shuttles connect public transport and car parks to attraction park entrance, tested in Waterloo & Han-sur-Lesse in Belgium

What about safety ?

Lab Box works with leading manufacturers like EasyMile, that already have shuttles driving worldwide. These fully electric vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and localisation technology, allowing them to safely drive on short, predefined trajectories. A top speed of 20km/h ensures that vehicles have plenty of time to stop safely when an obstacle is detected.

As the technology matures in the next years, the operating speed will gradually increase and the use cases will expand.

Our service offering

Lab Box provides all services you need to realise an autonomous vehicle project today. Our modular service offering includes :

1. Leasing of autonomous shuttles from different manufacturers
2. Project setup: site inspection and mapping, deployment of vehicles
3. Maintenance of vehicles
4. Training and certification of operators
5. Operations of shuttle (safety driver, supervision)

Contact us

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